The Most Common Tooth Replacement Methods

Missing teeth can be replaced by numerous methods, differing in looks, price and durability. Crowns are placed over a tooth when its root is intact, but its shape or size is not aesthetical anymore. They are also used to support dental bridges, or to cover an implant. Dentures are a cost-efficient way to substitute many missing teeth, sometimes even a whole set, with a fixed or removable tool. If only a few teeth are extracted, placing implants can be taken into consideration. These are drilled firmly to the jawbone, with an abutment and a crown attached to it, providing a natural look and feel.
Bridges are used for spanning gaps in the mouth left behind by missing teeth. They are attached to natural teeth or implants on both sides. This latter method, called an implant retained bridge combines the strength and longevity of implants with the cost-effectiveness of bridges. In this case, the dentist replaces only the supportive teeth with implants, while the remaining gap is filled with a set of crowns, that is, a bridge.

Getting Implant Retained Bridges

Implantation is always the initial step in the procedure. The implant is drilled to the jawbone, preferably after bone grafting, followed by the placement of the abutment and crown, made of the desired material, which can be resin, ceramic, porcelain or zirconia.
Implant retained bridges are generally placed according to a method called “All on 4”, that is, 4 implants carrying an arch of teeth. However, if the dentist reckons, more, usually 6 implants can also be placed to assure strength. After checking the firmness of the implants, the dentist can start working on the tailor-made bridge. After taking an impression of the patient’s mouth, the dental technician crafts the bridge, which is then placed, making sure the color and shape of the crown matches those of the remaining teeth perfectly.
The final cost depends hugely on the bio-mechanical state and overall health of the patient’s mouth and jawbone. If the bone structure is weak, therefore, bone grafting is needed, or there are some issues, like gum inflammation that require treatment, these can add to the amount at the end. Also, material of the crowns on the bridge can make significant difference in the final price of the procedure.
To sum up, in case there are several missing teeth, out of all methods implant retained bridges can be the perfect solution for tooth replacement. They provide durable, good-looking, easy-to-maintain and comfortable results for a reasonable price. If you are thinking about having implant retained bridges, do not hesitate to contact us with your questions, and book an appointment to our dental surgery.