Dental Implants: Cost vs. Advantages

If a tooth needs to be extracted for any reason, it is always advised to get the gap left behind filled as soon as possible. It is mainly because other teeth might shift, jeopardizing the overall health of the mouth. Replacement is also needed in order to look aesthetical and feel comfortable. Dental implants, these miracles of dentistry are the most recommended choices to do that. They look natural just like the remaining teeth, and they also function like one. And, last but not least, with proper care they can last a lifetime, so they are extremely hassle-free.

Getting an Implant Placed – The Process

The implant itself is drilled into the jawbone, replacing the root, and attaching the visible part of the implant to the jawbone. The implant crown makes sure this artificial tooth looks nice and blends in with the other teeth, while the abutment is responsible for the firm connection of these two, assuring stability and strength.
Most dentists decide to place the new implant into a grafted jawbone. The main reason for that is to make sure that the bone provides a solid base, and to reduce the chances of rejection to a minimum. During bone grafting, special grafting materials are incorporated into the bone, enhancing the hardness of its structure. Then, the implant surgery takes place, followed by the placement of the abutment and crown.
The most commonly used materials for a crown are resin, ceramic or porcelain, the latter being less prone to staining, guaranteeing a spotless appearance for a longer time. Zirconia, a very hard ceramic that is translucent enough to look like natural teeth, is the latest high-tech innovation in dental technology. Crowns made of this material can be adapted very well to the shape, size and color of the patient’s teeth, with a higher price range, of course.

Implant Prices Pay Off in the Long Run

There are cheaper methods in dentistry than having dental implants. Nevertheless, their durability makes them the most cost-efficient solution when it comes to tooth replacement. If placed carefully and precisely into a grafted jawbone by a professional, and taken care of meticulously, they can last a lifetime. They rarely need to be replaced, only adjusted once in a while, as the structure of the jawbone changes with time.
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