Dental Bridges
Cost-Efficiency and Aesthetics Combined

When having a gap of 2 or more teeth that needs to be spanned, one often cast their vote in favour of dental implants, which provide lifelike, durable and strong results. Nevertheless, if one considers the price of the whole procedure, dental bridges might be a more reasonable solution. Dental bridges cost much less than having several implants placed, and, if done by a skilled professional, they last for a very long time, and guarantee an aesthetic and fully functional result.
Dental bridges are practically a row of interconnected dental crowns, applied when there is a gap of 2 or more teeth that needs to be filled. They can be made of any material generally used for creating crowns, that is, porcelain, ceramic or zirconium. Gold and alloys had been widespread substances for dental bridges, but they have become rather outdated.

New Smile from the Implant Center

The process of getting dental bridges always starts with the preparation of the so-called abutment teeth. These are the teeth that hold the bridge in place and provide its strength. If there are no natural abutment teeth, sometimes implants are used as a substitute. During preparation, the surface of the abutment tooth is shaped so that it can make room for the crown. Then, a mould is made of the patient’s mouth, which will be used as a model for the bridge, crown and pontics, spanning the gap between the two abutments. Finally, the bridge gets in its place, closing the procedure. If checked and cared for regularly, a dental bridge can last up to 15 years, making it a great alternative for dental implants.

How much do Dental Bridges Cost?

The price of dental bridges depends hugely on whether the type of the bridge is fixed or removable. Secondly, the material of the crowns also influences the final costs. Ceramic and porcelain crowns come at a reasonable price, while the newest inventions, zirconium crowns can cost a lot more. These, however, represent the highest quality and aesthetic properties in dental technology.
All in all, we can state that all dental bridges provide durable, lifelike and functional solutions for an affordable price. If you think this is the perfect solution for you, book an appointment to our dental surgery, where our highly skilled dentists await you with personalised offers.