Implant vs. Bridge Cost

Implants belong to the latest innovations of dental technology, and are created to mime the appearance and function of natural teeth perfectly. They consist of three parts, namely, the implant, which replaces the root, and connects the tooth to the jawbone; the crown, substituting the visible part of the tooth; and lastly, the abutment, which connects the implant and crown together, and guarantees their strength.

Dental Implants – Pricy but Durable

Dental implants might seem expensive at first, however, due to their durability, they often turn out to be the most cost-effective method for replacing missing teeth. If their placement is carried out with precision and care, and the stability of the jawbone is guaranteed by grafting, implants can be a lifelong solution. This means, there is no need to change them, only minor modifications are required once in a while.

Dental Bridges – Cost-Effective and Functional

One often cast their vote in favour of dental implants even when 2 or more teeth are missing. Nevertheless, if one considers the price of the whole procedure, dental bridges can be a more cost-efficient solution. Their price is more affordable, than having several implants placed, and, if done by a highly qualified professional, they generally last for 15 years, and guarantee an aesthetic and fully functional result.
Dental bridges are basically a row of linked dental crowns, usually placed when there are several teeth missing, and the gap needs to be spanned. It can be made of any material used for making crowns; porcelain, ceramic or zirconium being the most popular ones. Gold and alloys had been common substances for dental bridges, but they have gradually become outdated.

How much do Dental Bridges Cost?

The price of dental bridges depends mostly on the type of the bridge, which can be either fixed or removable. The material of the crowns is another factor influencing costs. Ceramic and porcelain crowns come at an affordable price, while zirconium crowns, the latest dental technology inventions can be quite expensive. Nevertheless, these are the most durable and aesthetic solutions for crown placement recently available.
All in all, if we match the cost of implants vs. bridges, implants cost incomparably more than having a bridge placed. But, if we take durability and appearance into consideration, sometimes the initial costs pay off in the long run. Our highly skilled dentists await you in our dental surgery to offer you a personalised treatment that is best for you and your smile.