Dental Implants: Price vs. Benefits

Deciding for dental implantation, these wonders of dental technology is the best choice if one would like to have a lifelike, beautiful and everlasting smile. Dental implants are created on the basis of natural teeth, so they also behave and look like one. The implant, attached firmly to the jawbone, substitutes the root. The implant crown is responsible for natural appearance, while the abutment ensures the connection between these two.

The first step in the placement of dental implants is to graft the jawbone to provide a firm base for the implant. During the procedure the dentist places special grafting materials to the bone, and waits while these substances produce their effects. It is followed by the implant surgery, that is, the placement of the abutment and crown. This final step marks the end of the whole procedure, and guarantees an aesthetic, long-lasting and strong new set of teeth.

Implantation – A Durable and Safe Procedure

Generally, dental implants replace teeth that need to be extracted due to their state. Tooth extractions are usually painless and absolutely safe procedures, if one maintains good oral hygiene and gets extraction done by a professional dentist. If there is an infection, which is very unlikely, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory treatment cures the problem, and patients can start having their new dental implants placed.
Some patients fear that their bodies might reject the implant, making the expensive procedure worthless. But there is nothing to worry about: implants are made of bio-compatible materials, which are easily accepted by the human body. Thus, rejection is extremely rare, and there are numbers to support that: the success rate of dental implantation is around 98%.

Dental Implants – Cost that is Worth It

The placement of dental implants might seem expensive at first. But, if we take their long-lasting characteristics into consideration, it is easy to see why they are thought to be the most cost-effective tooth replacement methods. After their placement, preferably to a grafted jawbone, and attentive care afterwards, they can last for decades; only minor adjustments need to be done by a professional every now and then.
Our implant center provides exceptional work and customer care at reasonable costs. So, if you decide to have implants, price cannot prevent you from having a beautiful smile. Do not hesitate to book an appointment in one of our dental surgeries.