Implant Supported Bridges
Cost is not an Issue

Dental implants behave and look like real teeth, and are generally last for a lifetime. That is why patients often choose this method for replacing missing teeth. They are, however, quite pricy, and placing many of them requires time, effort and last but not least, money. It is the case when implant supported bridges are usually recommended as a solution.
Implant supported bridges cost much less than having several individual implants placed, while guaranteeing similar results. It is due to the fact, that during the process only supportive teeth are replaced with implants, and the remaining arch of teeth is substituted by a bridge. This solution is durable, lifelike, and provides perfect comfort when eating or speaking.

Implant Supported Bridges – Abroad is the Way to Go

Dentists generally suggest getting a type of implant supported bridge called “All on 4”, that is, 4 implants carry a full arch of teeth. Professionals, however, must at all times consider the overall condition of the patient’s teeth and jawbone, and determine whether to use All on 4 or more abutment teeth for the placement of the bridge. Based on the state of the jawbone, dentists might recommend bone grafting to make the bone stronger, so that it provides a strong base, and is tough enough to hold the bridge in place for a long time.
The process of getting implant supported bridges always starts with the placement of implants. The cost of dental implants varies hugely on the overall state of the patient’s mouth and jawbone. If the condition of the bone and mouth is poor, and bone grafting is needed, or there are gum problems, the final price can rise accordingly. It is always a good idea to check the cost of the whole procedure abroad, given that dentists in several countries provide excellent work on a significantly lower price, even with travelling and hotel stay.
All in all, the cost of implant supported bridges makes this excellent solution affordable for a notably larger number of patients, combining the cost-effectiveness of bridges with the lifelike appearance, stability and durability of implants. If you are interested, take a look at our unbeatable offers, and book an appointment to one of our highly-skilled dentists for a consultation.