Tooth Crowns – Cost that Pays Off

Dental crowns are tooth shaped objects that are cemented on the teeth to protect them, and also improve their appearance at the same time. They are usually needed after root canals to protect the tooth, which becomes brittle after the surgery. Dental crowns are also applied to hold together a broken tooth, cover a large filling or a dental implant, or to carry a dental bridge as an abutment tooth. Sometimes discoloured or misshapen teeth are also capped with a crown to make them more pleasing to the eye.
The amount of how much a tooth crown costs depends largely on the material that it is made of. Dental crowns are generally made of resin, ceramic or porcelain, which are lifelike, aesthetic and durable solutions. In addition, porcelain is also highly stain-resistant, ensuring a bright smile for a very long time. Zirconia crowns, the latest inventions in dentistry are becoming more popular day by day, due to their amazing strength, durability and lifelike appearance. Metal and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are now things of the past, thus, very few dentists are working with them.

Implant vs. Bridge Costs

Dental crowns are also used when applying dental implants or bridges to fill the gaps in the mouth, left behind by extracted teeth. Dental implants are objects attached firmly to the jawbone, capped by a crown, which is connected to the implant by an abutment. Dental bridges are a row of interconnected dental crowns, used for substituting 2 or more missing teeth. The price of the two differs largely, and it is up to the patient to ponder the costs and benefits when deciding for one.
The price of dental bridges depends hugely on the type of the bridge (fixed or removable), and the material of the crowns. Ceramic and porcelain crowns come at a reasonable price, while zirconium crowns cost a lot more; however, they are also of the highest quality available today. Dental bridges, if placed and cared for meticulously, generally last for 15 years; that is what the patient has to bear in mind when choosing this method.
The final cost of dental implantation is based on the number of implants that need to be placed, the material of the crown, and whether there is bone grafting needed to strengthen the jawbone. Generally the procedure is considered to be pricy, but, if we think about aesthetics and lifetime durability, it is a price that is hugely worth it.
If you are thinking about having tooth crowns, cost cannot be an obstacle if you come to our dental surgery. Do not hesitate to book an appointment, and enjoy your healthy and beautiful smile.