Dental Crowns – Costs vs. Benefits

Dental crowns are generally used to protect brittle teeth after root canals. They also hold together broken teeth, cover a large filling or a dental implant, or function as an abutment tooth for a dental bridge. In cosmetic dentistry, they are applied to cover discoloured or misshapen teeth to improve their appearance.

The Cost of Tooth Crowns

The amount of how much a dental crown costs depends mostly on its material. Resin, ceramic or porcelain dental crowns have the looks and durability that make them worth their price. Among these, porcelain crowns tend to be more pricy than the others, mainly due to the fact that they are less prone to staining, which guarantees a spotless appearance for the patient for a longer time. Metal and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are now a thing of the past; therefore, dentists usually recommend crowns made of other materials.
Zirconia crowns are the latest high-tech innovations in dentistry, and, in spite of their high price, they are becoming increasingly popular. Zirconia is a very hard ceramic, that is translucent enough to look like natural teeth. It can also be adapted very well to the shape, size and colour of the patient’s teeth, making them look like you were born with them. Zirconia is also extremely tough, due to the sintering process on an amazing 1,580 degrees Celsius heat. It guarantees maximum strength, which makes it durable and tough to withstand everyday use.

Getting a Dental Crown – The Process

The procedure always starts with a visit to the dentist, who makes an X-ray, observes the tooth and jawbone to make sure there is no infection or other abnormality that needs treatment. Then, filing of the tooth follows in anesthesia, to make room for the new crown. If the tooth is broken or chipped, the dentist might use filling materials to substitute the missing part. After that, a mould is made of the tooth, serving as a pattern for the dental technician, who prepares the tailor-made crown. Newer technologies use computer scanning to make the pattern. The patient leaves with a temporary crown, which is removed when the final crown is ready to be placed. Finally, the new crown is cemented to the tooth, marking the end of the procedure.
If you are thinking about having dental crowns, cost cannot be an obstacle if you come to our dental surgery. Our dentists await you with the latest technologies, newest materials and perfect service. Do not hesitate to book an appointment, and enjoy your healthy and beautiful smile.