Implants – Modern Day Miracles

Implants, these wonders of dental technology are engineered to resemble a natural tooth, therefore they look and feel like you were born with them. The implant itself substitutes the root that connects the tooth to the jawbone; the implant crown is the tooth-shaped object that replaces the visible part of the tooth, while the abutment connects these two together, and assures their stability.
Having dental implants placed might seem costly at first. Nevertheless, their durability makes them the most cost-efficient solution when it comes to tooth replacement. If placed carefully and precisely into a grafted jaw bone, and taken care of attentively, they can last a lifetime. This means, there is no need to replace them, only minor modifications are required now and then.

Implants vs Root Canal Costs

Natural teeth are treasures to have as long as they can be conserved; therefore, saving them is a priority for most dentists. Firstly, a professional should inspect the restorability of the patient’s tooth, and based on that, decide for conservation, or extraction and implantation. Besides restorability, cost also plays an important role when picking a dental treatment.
If based on precise examination and an x-ray, our dentist reckons that our tooth is recoverable, root canal surgery is recommended. The process consists of the operation itself, build-up and the placement of a crown. In some cases, however, it is more reasonable to get a bad tooth extracted to get rid of the pain and discomfort, and have implants placed to substitute the missing teeth.
When placing a dental implant, the dentist grafts the jawbone, and performs the implant surgery, followed by the placement of the abutment and crown. This is an extremely complex procedure, and, in addition, pricy dental technology products are used. Thus, the cost of implantation is around 2 times the amount of a root canal surgery. This amount, however, easily pays off, because dental implants are very long-lasting solutions for dental replacement.
To sum up, if we compare, implants cost significantly more than having root canal surgery carried out. In most cases, however, durability and appearance should be the priority when making a decision. Our highly skilled dentists await you in our dental surgery to offer you a personalised treatment that is best for you and your smile.