The Best of Both Worlds

Implant Supported Dentures

Having implants placed is like getting our real teeth back: they are strong, lifelike and generally last for a lifetime. But what if we have several teeth missing, and are looking for a cost-effective way to have a healthy and aesthetic smile? That is when implant supported dentures are usually recommended by dentists.
Implants require dental surgery when placed, and are masterfully crafted to fit the patient’s mouth perfectly. Therefore, they are costly, and their placement takes time and patience. But if only supportive teeth are replaced with implants, and the remaining arch of teeth is substituted by dentures, the cost, time and pain that comes with the procedure becomes drastically reduced, maintaining the strength, durability and beauty of implants, while also being cost-efficient.
The most widespread method for getting implant supported dentures is called “All on 4”, meaning, 4 implants hold a full arch of teeth. Nevertheless, dentists should always take the condition of the patient’s jawbone into consideration, and determine the number of supporting implants based on that. If needed, bone grafting materials can be used to strengthen the jawbone, thus, make the base for the implants more solid.

How Much Do Implant Supported Dentures Cost?

When getting implant supported dentures, the placement of the implants is always the first step. The cost of dental implants depends hugely on the bio-mechanical state and overall health of the patient’s mouth and jawbone. If bone grafting is needed, or there is an inflammation or gum problem, the cost of treatment can add to the final price of the whole procedure. These measures, however, are strongly recommended to make sure that the replaced teeth are firmly attached, and are strong enough to support the weight of the dentures.
To sum up, the cost of implant supported dentures ensures that a durable solution is available for a wider range of patients. This method combines the cost-efficiency of dentures with the aesthetics, strength and durability of implants. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us with your questions, and book an appointment to one of our highly-skilled dentists for a consultation.