The cost of implants vs. root canals

Saving a patient’s natural teeth is a priority for most dentists. Firstly, a professional should inspect the restorability of the patient’s tooth, and based on that, decide for conservation, or extraction and implantation. When a tooth is decayed beyond saving, the best solution is to have it extracted and substituted.

After restorability, cost is a close second in importance when it comes to dental treatments. Therefore, if one is in a position to choose between root canal surgery and an implant, price is always taken into consideration.

Eye on the Price

Various treatments and tests add to the final cost of a root canal surgery. First off, an examination and x-ray is needed to get a more detailed look on the condition of the teeth and jawbone. If, based on that, the patient and dentist decide on a root canal surgery, the operation itself follows. Finally, build-up and the placement of a crown end the process.
During placement of a dental implant, after an examination and x-ray, if needed, bone grafting is carried out, followed by implant surgery and the placement of the abutment and crown. This is a more complicated process, with the use of expensive dental technology products. Therefore, the whole procedure can cost up around 2 times the price of a root canal surgery. But, considering their durability, health and aesthetics, the higher price of implants is more than likely to pay off in the long run.

Implant Supported Dentures: Cost Reduction Made Easy

If the die has been cast, and the patient had decided to get an implant instead of having root canal surgery, there is still a way to reduce the cost of the procedure. It is a lifesaver especially when multiple teeth have to be replaced by implantation. If choosing implant supported dentures, only the supportive teeth are replaced with implants, and the remaining ones are substituted by dentures. This way, it takes much less healing time, pain, and last but not least, money to get a healthy and beautiful smile.
All in all, if we compare implant vs. root canal costs, the price of the latter might be more favourable. Nevertheless, there are cases when durability and appearance should be kept in mind when deciding between the two. Do not hesitate to contact us, and book an appointment for a consultation to find the right, tailor-made treatment for you.