Dental Zirconia – The Next Best Thing to Natural Teeth

Due to their amazing strength and durability, zirconia dental crowns are becoming more and more popular. Zirconia, this comparatively new material in dental use is a very hard ceramic, which revolutionized everything that we have known about dental crowns before. Let us detail all the advantages of this innovative substance in dentistry.

Strength and Beauty

Zirconia is translucent enough to make dental crowns made of it look like natural teeth, therefore, it blends in amazingly well with the remaining teeth, without looking fake. Besides that, unlike porcelain, zirconia crowns are not fused to a metal base, so there is no narrow metallic line in between the gums and the crown, making it look much less artificial. Zirconia can also be shaped, sized and coloured peculiarly well, thus, crowns made of this material ensure that the patient’s smile looks as natural as possible.
Apart from aesthetics, zirconia is also extremely tough, which makes it perfect for long time wear, in contrast with porcelain crowns, which are prone to chipping or breaking. The strength of the material is ensured during preparation, when zirconia crowns, modelled and shaped to fit the teeth of the patient perfectly, are placed in a hot furnace, where they are sintered for 2.5 hours on an amazing 1,580 degrees Celsius heat. This way, zirconia reaches its maximum strength, which makes it durable and tough to withstand everyday use.

Safety First

Zirconia is a biocompatible material, meaning, it is very unlikely to be rejected by the patient’s body. That is the reason why zirconia has been used for a long time in other medical fields, for instance, in creating artificial joints. Similarly, allergic reactions and other complications reported by dentists are also extremely rare when using this material. When a zirconia crown is placed on the tooth, minimal preparation is needed. This way, much of the existing tooth can be saved, which is favourable when the crown has to be removed.
Among a variety of other materials, our skilled dentists also work with zirconia, using the most up-to-date dentistry technologies in our dental practice. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions regarding our services, accommodation and entertainment offers.