Enjoy Life to the Fullest with Extra-quality Dental Implants

When in need of a tooth replacement, having implants is like getting your natural, healthy teeth back. These exceptional dental solutions can function, feel and look like you were born with them. To make them that way, they were engineered to resemble a natural tooth. The implant itself substitutes the root that connects the tooth to the jawbone; the implant crown is the tooth-shaped object that replaces the visible part of the tooth, while the abutment connects these two together, and assures their stability.

Aesthetics and Function That Lasts a Lifetime

Having dental implants placed might seem quite expensive at first, however, if we take their durability into consideration, it becomes clear that these are the most cost-effective solutions* when it comes to tooth replacement. Dental implants, besides behaving like real teeth, can last a lifetime if placed and cared for accurately. This means, there is no need to replace them, only minor adjustments are required from time to time. Some might fear that their body will reject the implants, but empirical evidence at our implant center shows that their placement success rate is around 98%, thus, rejection is extremely rare.
Dental implants are firmly attached to the jawbone, therefore they do not slide or move within the mouth, and no adhesives are needed to keep them in place. This property makes eating and speaking extremely easy and comfortable, assuring a high level of self-esteem for the individual wearing them. Moreover, because natural teeth are left intact when placing the implants, and interdental areas remain accessible for cleaning, implants also guarantee better oral hygiene and improved overall oral health.

The Frightful Tooth Extraction Infection

Most of the time, dental implants are placed to substitute teeth that can no longer be conserved and need to be extracted. Generally, tooth extractions should be uneventful procedures if one maintains sufficient oral hygiene and uses antibacterial mouthwash before and after the extraction. However, if infection occurs, local or general antibiotic and anti-inflammatory treatment is required. This should cure the infection in a short time, and after healing, patients can start having the new dental implants placed at our implant center.