Hotel Millenium

When choosing TravelForDent for your dental holiday, you will have several hotels to choose from. We hope to make the process easier by giving short descriptions and a few pictures of each hotel, and let you choose which accommodation you wish to stay at. Remember that you will need plenty of rest and quiet in order to sleep and recover after dental work has been performed, and you will want a comfortable and friendly place where you can feel at home.
The Hotel Millenium is the biggest hotel in the city, and has the advantage of having the most things and the most kinds of rooms available for our patients. There are two wings two the hotel, with a normal and a deluxe wing, covering just about every kind of room you can imagine. Located on the prestigious Cavalry Hill, which is a historical and absolutely beautiful part of the city, we recommend this hotel to any patients who wish to see some of the city while recovering from their dental treatments.


The hotel is fitted with a Wellness section that includes a spa, which is very beneficial for patients who are recovering from dental treatments. Customers have unlimited use of the wellness section, as well as a children’s corner, and parking, wifi and other amenities. But the main feature that makes Hotel Millenium so attractive is the many different kinds of rooms they have.

Room types

When defined by price, the Hotel Millenium has single, doubles, premium rooms and VIP rooms. But price is just one factor in how the rooms are set up. There are rooms which specifically focus on the marvellous panorama of the Cavalry Hill, rooms that are specifically made to have access to the garden area, there are rooms that are separate but connect to each other, and rooms in the attic as well. After a dental treatment, you will spend most fo your time recovering and sleeping off the treatment itself, so you will be spending a lot of time in your room. This is why we can recommend the Hotel Millenium, as it has so many options, that we are sure that every patient can find something that they like, a room where they can feel at home and relax, letting the body heal naturally and without stress. The prices for each room can vary greatly, but you can read all about that below!