Hotel Therapia

When choosing TravelForDent for your dental holiday, you will have several hotels to choose from. We hope to make the process easier by giving short descriptions and a few pictures of each hotel, and let you choose which accommodation you wish to stay at. Remember that you will need plenty of rest and quiet in order to sleep and recover after dental work has been performed, and you will want a comfortable and friendly place where you can feel at home.
Hotel Therapia is a hotel that specialises in seeing dental and medical tourists. It is wheelchair accessible, and they have medical staff on hand in case they should be needed. Hotel Therapia is located near to the dental clinic, and can be accessed with just a short drive, that we are also happy to provide for our patients. We are very confident that this hotel is especially good for our patients, and represents some of the best lodgings in the area.


Hotel Therapia has some very special features indeed. Aside from being wheelchair accessible (which is a bigger problem in Hungary than many would care to admit), the hotel has a private parking lot, and offers free wifi to their customers. They also have several kinds of healing massage on hand to help you recover, including a lymph massage. They also have several other kinds of medical services that they perform, like cardiovascular outpatient therapy, Nordic walking, sclerotherapy, a whole slew of physiotherapy, and some screenings as well, so we would highly recommend this hotel to any patients who are suffering from any medical conditions at all, or who are health conscious and hope to rejuvenate themselves, and not just their teeth during the course of their dental holiday.


The hotel is rather small, fitted with 8 double rooms and 3 twin rooms. The price of the rooms includes breakfast, but does not include any extra meals, although both lunch and dinner can be had at the hotel for an extra price. A room will only cost you 60 euros per night, and only 75 for two people at a time. If you are looking for medical professionals to take care of you and nurse you back to health in a serene and beautiful location, then this is definitely the place you are looking for.