Why Travel For Dental Treatment?

Dental tourism is a growing industry that aims to make high quality dental treatment available to a large number of people by catering to an existing niche in the market. Most people in the UK cannot afford private dentistry, and would have to wait inordinate amounts of time to get to see an NHS dentist, and so the oral health of the UK and the Western European countries leaves something to be desired. By travelling to the marvellous Budapest, you can get better quality care for a fraction of the price. Here’s how it works:

Why Hungary? Why dental tourism?

Hungary is an extraordinary European country, with a very marketable quality: we train the best dentists, and future dentists from all around the world come here to seek training in our world class medical schools. The prices and wages are much lower in Hungary than in the UK, but thanks to these prestigious medical schools, the quality of care is the same or better than in the UK. Even after factoring in airfare, the cost of staying in Hungary for a couple of days and eating out every day, you still are paying, in some cases, less than half of what you would shell out at a private UK dental clinic for services that are, in many cases, not even as good.
With the advent of cheap airline tickets, and the ability to cross the sea for just a few pounds, the world has really opened up. You can leave London and be in Hungary in little under 3 hours, where we will meet you at the airport and see you to your accommodations, and 3 days later, you can be on your way back, with all of your dental woes fixed and taken care of, for much less than you could in the UK.

Is it safe? How do I know I am not getting ripped off?

Naturally, patients want to know about their doctors and the clinical staff that will be overseeing their medical treatments. This is only fair, and completely understandable, as you can read some very nasty rumours on the Internet about medical tourism gone wrong. Luckily, dental tourism is a heavily regulated industry, and has been so for a long time. The dentists we work with are reliable and are responsible for their work, and we are a registered company that is insured and accountable for any and all work that we perform. Our dentists are internationally certified professionals who have been working with patients for years, and can always be found for work they perform. We also issue guarantees with our work, on the off chance that anything is not satisfactory.