How Much For A Dental Implant?

Determining the cost of a dental implant can be tricky. A dental implant is a method of tooth replacement that is the only truly whole and complete way to replace every single part of a missing tooth. It is made of three parts: a dental implant that replaces the tooth root, an implant crown that replaces the visible portion of the tooth, and an abutment that holds the two together.

Implant crown cost

A dental implant crown can be traditional or aesthetic. Both look the same on the outside, as the outer shell is a number of porcelain plates that hide an internal structure. The difference is in that internal structure: either it is made of metal (traditional) or of zirconium, which is a rare mineral that looks and acts like natural, living teeth. Traditional implant crowns cost less, but can show up as dark lines on the crown itself, while zirconium plays with the light and is semi-translucent, providing the most realistic tooth replacement option on the market today. Please note that zirconium crowns also need zirconium abutments, which are also slightly more expensive. See our PRICE LIST here.

Dental implant cost

The cost of a dental implant depends highly on what kind of preliminary treatments you may need. Although the dental implant is for a set price, there are many factors that can contribute to the price: if your bones aren’t dense enough to receive a dental implant, you will need a bone graft, if your teeth aren’t clean enough, you will need a hygiene session, and you may need preliminary treatments like fillings, root canals and other dental work done to make sure your dental implant does not fail.
There are many different kinds of dental implants, and they are priced according to size and guarantees assumed by the manufacturer.

Travel for dental implants

The main factor that affects cost is where you choose to get your dental implants. With us, you can travel to Budapest, Hungary and get great care for a fraction of the UK price. The dentists in Hungary are extremely well trained and have international expertise, and work for much less, but can keep the high level of quality that is demanded by international medical patients. Check our offers below!