What to do after civil marriage? Can you arrange for a party?

What to do after civil marriage? Can you arrange for a party?

Marriage is one of the most anticipated moments in the life of a woman. You certainly expect everything to be okay when you say “yes” at the altar. But before dreaming of entering the church, it is necessary to plan the civil wedding. Although it is a “bureaucratic” ceremony, it is part of the life of the bride and groom and many choose to have an exclusive celebration. And to help you in this important decision, we decided to gather some tips.

Should I have a party?

The choice of celebrating that moment depends on your style and also on your financial possibilities. With so many expenses with the religious ceremony, the honeymoon and the new house, the celebration of the civil wedding can end up compromising the budget. If your pocket is already too tight and you don’t care so much about this type of celebration, you can just sign the papers and follow your normal routine. Remember that it is important to be happy. On the other hand, if you have enough reserve to cover the costs and a lot of disposition, nothing prevents you from having a party after the civil wedding. Celebrate your wedding with Toronto Wedding Limo Service. The event can count on cake, decoration, food and drink, champagne, a party bus trip, music and everything else that a good party can have.

Home reception

Another way to celebrate is to organize a small cocktail at home for close friends and family. You can offer snacks, snacks, sweets and drinks. Bet on a simple decoration inspired by the wedding. The cocktail is just a suggestion, but it can also be a lunch. The type of the event does not matter, it is up to you. The important thing when defining your choice is to reflect on what really fits your profile and whether you will be available to participate in the entire process of organizing the two wedding parties. It is essential to keep in mind that the responsibility will increase significantly.

Organize on your own or with the help of a planner?

It is super possible to organize a wedding only. However it is much more difficult for you who possibly never married or organized parties before. Therefore, we suggest that you hire a good ceremonialist to help you with this task. It will indicate you the best suppliers within the budget you present. It will tell you which suppliers have had their image tarnished by poorly rendered services, etc.

The importance of a budget

One of the main factors in the separation of couples is debt. Marriage that begins with high bills and out of control is unlikely to last. Therefore, we strongly advise you to talk with the family to set a maximum budget and within your possibilities. You can dream of a wedding for 1000 guests with the hottest suppliers, a dress signed by the best atelier, etc. With good taste, research, negotiation and calmness you will be able to organize a beautiful and unique wedding.

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