Enjoying Doha Tour with Some Traditional Activities

Enjoying Doha Tour with Some Traditional Activities

Qatar is a country of love and beauty. It invites tourists from different countries and offers the best entertainment. Counpon.ae understands that Qatar is relatively an expensive country where people need more money to have great time. Therefore, it asks to save money from the very first step that is air ticket booking with Qatar Airways discount code. Whether you are moving from Middle East, Asia, Europe or America, you may prefer air travel with one of the best airways such ad Qatar Airways. Here are some interesting day tours for the visitors who love exploring the beauty of Doha City.

Start your Morning With Desert Safari:

There is a Half-Day private desert tour or safari for tourists. This tour enables tourists to enjoy the vast deserts with powerful SUVs. You can book the SUV vehicles with or without driver. It would be better to book this vehicle with driver because driving in sand dunes is really a tricky job. Those who are residents of Doha City and go for desert safari can apply for special driving license.

Inland Sea Tour:

This is another daytime activity. Doha City has a long coastal line. This coastal line is a hub of adventure and entertainment. This is a best option for families as well as friends interested to spend more time in adventurous activities. Driving alone the coastline offers a splendid view of land and sea. Book the flight tickets, cargo and other travel facilities with Qatar Airways discount code and start the inland sea tour.

Pearl Qatar Food Tour:

This food tour takes only 4 hours. As a matter of fact, it is a small tour that gives you a chance to see the major restaurants and food points in Doha City. This city is a marvelous place to taste the special Arabic dishes. We would recommend the Camel Roast because it is a traditional dish in Middle East. Try the camel roast with special rice. Don’t forget to sprinkle olive oil and roasted olives on the rice in order to have a delicious flavor.

Pearl Qatar Boat Ride:

After finishing lunch, it would be better to spend time at hotel or in a camp. Temperature will continue to rise and it is best to take shelter to avoid heat stroke. In the evening, Qatar tourism services offer a special boat ride. This is Pearl Qatar Boat Ride and it lets you survey the Doha City and main attractions. There are several cruises and yacht services ready to turn your tour into a memorable experience.

Camel Safari on the Beaches:

Do you have Qatar Airways discount code? Book the tickets and seats with discounts to plan the tour. Don’t forget the special camel ride. This service is frequently available in various corners of Doha City. However, tourists should visit the cool beaches in evening and enjoy the camel ride while seeing beautiful sunset. This is best time to explore the city especially with dedicated plans such as Doha Express Private tours.

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