2 Reasons that Make summer in japan A Memorable Experience for the Tourists

2 Reasons that Make summer in japan A Memorable Experience for the Tourists

The long winters in Japan are harsh. So the advent of spring is always welcome. The melting of the snow brings about a sigh of relief among the people. Enjoying every bit of spring is the aim of most Japanese. Many people might show a preference to visit Japan during the spring. But actually, summer can be the best time to visit. If you have any doubts about the hot climate that can ruin the trip, take it as an assurance that you will get to experience the best of the country if you choose the month of summer for the trip. 

Hiking is a great option

In the cities which are at the sea-level, you might find then weather to be a bit uncomfortable. But up in the mountain areas, the temperature is comfortable, which makes the summer in japan a perfect time to try out some hiking adventure. At the high altitude of Japan, you will get to witness the stunning abundance of nature. Be it the Japan Alps or the Kamikochi- a hiking experience will be surreal. The sky will be blue, and the mountain flowers will be in full bloom. What else do you need to enjoy the hike? The walk will be comfortable too as the weather is cold at the peak of the mountains. You can climb Mt Fuji also as the season begins by the start of July and ends by early September. 

Fireworks are scintillating

Come summer, and the Japanese are all set to go for the firework shows. You will get many opportunities to check out the fantastic firework shows which happen almost everywhere in the country. The Sumida River Firework Display that occurs in Tokyo is one of the best. It happens on the last Saturday in the month of July. The lakeshore firework of the Toya Onsen in Hokkaido is equally thrilling.  

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